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Total Knee Replacement

Dr Delaney gave me a double knee total replacement, he is one of the nicest, professional in his specialty. I can't recommend him more highly. I tell everyone who asks me, "who did your surgery". That it was Dr. Delaney.


Knee Surgery

This letter is to thank you for the meaningful way that you have influenced by life, my mother's (Marge Lawson) life, and the subsequent lives of those close to us. My mother, thanks to a successful hip replacement under your care, was able to remain independent and self sufficient for the duration of her life. She did her own driving, shopping and socializing well into her eighties. She passed away a few years ago due to complications from emphysema. Her trust, respect and affection for you was beyond significant.

The successful ACL surgery I received well over a decade ago provided me with the means to walk as a journeyman pipe fitter in commercial construction until retirement age. It has been over a year now since my total knee replacement surgery, the success of which has exceeded my highest expectations. I am profoundly grateful to you and your staff for what is proving to be another life changing procedure.


Hip Surgery

Dear Dr. Delaney,

Tonight I saw an ambulance-chaser ad talking about painful hip replacement that prompts my writing to you. I must remind you that I still awake every night NOT having to painfully untangle myself from a simple sleeping position. I am still thankful to God, you, and free-market medicine for the new life you gave me.

I have trained three times each week since I finished your prescribed PT and can balance, lunge, and do Turkish get-ups, as well as stand straight and walk forever, painlessly and tirelessly.

I am compelled to thank you once again for completely removing any semblance of fifty years of pain in one magical morning using your unmatched surgical skill. You are truly a miracle worker, and I remain forever grateful to you.


I have been an avid skier since I was about twelve. In 1983 I decided to share my passion for skiing with others and became a part-time ski instructor. In 1994 I retired early from my position as a high school teacher to become a full time professional "ski bum". All went well until December 13, 2005. I was teaching three ladies, when ... that's all I remember. Apparently I had been hit by a snowboarder who fled the scene. I suffered a number of injuries in addition to a severe concussion.

An attempted repair of my left knee lasted only one year. I was also diagnosed with a back injury, which could be fairly well managed with epidural injections. By 2007 I could hardly walk any more and needed to resort to a walker to get around. The left knee was successfully repaired by a total knee replacement in February 2008, but I still suffered from severe pain in my right knee and inability to walk. That was taken care of in August 2008. The knees felt fine, but I still could not walk without the walker, and was taking heavy duty pain medications. My back physician insisted that my main problem at that point were both of my hips and referred me to Dr. Delaney with a note which read: "Dr. Delaney, Please provide this spirited lady with bilateral hip replacement." Since I had already had three surgeries, I did not cherish the thought of two more and another doctor!

With visions of me in a wheelchair in constant pain for the rest of my life, and worse yet, never to be able to ski again, I hobbled into Dr. Delaney's office in September 2008. I was welcomed by a very friendly staff and felt a little more comfortable. I then met Dr. Delaney. What a cool dude! He asked me about my skiing career, talked about his snowboarding which took my mind off further surgical adventures and allowed me to focus on more pleasant topics. An X-Ray confirmed the urgent need for bilateral hip replacement. With Dr. Delaney's positive attitude and assurance to get me back on skis, the decision for the two surgeries was a snap. I felt completely at ease and confident that he could perform the miracle to allow me to ski again.

The right hip replacement took place in early November 2008 without any problems. The pain in my new hip was gone, but the left hip was giving me more and more problems. I had to wait three months until February 2009 for the second surgery. By that time the left hip was complete "toast", and I was looking forward to the second operation. I even wanted to get a little more education and asked if I could see what was going on in the OR before I drifted off. After knowing exactly what was going to happen, how and why, I was 100% at ease. Needless to say, that operation also was a tremendous success and completely changed my life. For my first appointment two weeks after surgery I walked into Dr. Delaney's office without a walker or cane. Since he had never seen me without a walker his reaction was: "What the heck, Murph?"

The rest is history. In November 2009 I started skiing again nine months after the second hip replacement, got back to teaching skiing and training new instructors, completed the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 ski seasons, and am now ready to start 2011/2012 doing what I love: Pursuing my passion for skiing and passing it on to others. I hope to do this forever.

Thank you, Dr. Delaney, for your concern, support and expertise. I owe all this to you and a little to my lucky stars. After all, at the age of 73 I am no longer a real spring chick.



Shoulder surgery

I visited Dr. Delaney because of limiting shoulder pains after a hard fall down a flight of stairs.Dr. Delaney gave me the news that I would need rotator cuff surgery. I was scared that I would be out of work for a long time, but it turned out that within a few days I was back at work. Not only was I back at work, within two weeks I was back at the dance studio ballroom dancing again. A short six months later, I performed in my studio's spring recital. With the aide of physical therapy weekly prescribed by Dr. Delaney along with dancing, my shoulder is almost quickly recovered with minimal pain along the way.


Had Rotator cuff surgery not too long ago, still in the PT phase, but I agree with the other poster, Dr. Delaney has great experience AND great bedside manner, good personality- which helps a lot . I really appreciate his office staff, just the nicest people and they are great at answering all questions, as well as being efficient. I had surgery on a Friday, and Dr. Delaney called me personally the next day, Saturday to see how I was doing. Really appreciated that!


I had visited Dr. Delaney's office for a 2nd opinion for my rotator cuff tear. I was so impressed with his knowledge, bedside manner and experience, I decided to have him perfom the surgery, which was necessary. He thoroughly explained the procedure, what to expect. There were no surprises. Had my first post op visit this morning, and all was well. He is getting me right into passive physical therapy, and really knows his stuff. His office staff are so nice and accomodating, I highly recommend Dr. Delaney.

1) He has done both of my shoulders and one of my knees.
2) His is never late for his appointments
3) His staff is friendly, outgoing and competent
4) As opposed to many surgeons he is very down-to-earth, personable and not arrogant

He did my shoulder (which turned out to be in a pretty sorry state) in August and I was adeptly tossing pizzas again within a few weeks.

Some background about me:

I have sisters 4 and 6 six older than me that are nurses. They were both candy stripers, nurses aides and then nurses. One married a surgeon and one married a shrink. I have been around the medical profession all of my life.

Many surgeons are excellent technicians but lack any bedside manner. This is often the result of them being bookish in high school, studious in college and buried in medical school. They have not learned any social skills.

Finding a doctor that has excellent technical skills and excellent bedside manners is very rare. Delaney is one of them. If you are a sorry-ass weekend warrior like me and have destroyed one of your limbs or joints, he is definitely worth seeing.


Awesome doctor. Friendly service. Had surgery on my shoulder/collarbone and doing extremely well. His staff + PA are excellent. Highly recommend.