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  • Tears and Disbelief as Coronavirus Cancels Youth Sports

    Little League baseball has shut down. Youth lacrosse and soccer clubs have suspended their seasons. Travel teams across all sports have been grounded. The coronavirus pandemic has done what generations of overbearing parents and coaches have failed to do: send millions of boys and girls to the sideline.

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  • N.B.A. Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive for Coronavirus

    The N.B.A. abruptly suspended its season on Wednesday after a Utah Jazz player was found to have tested positive for coronavirus moments before a game began in Oklahoma City.

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  • An Elite Athlete’s Real-Life Training Plan

    Staying in motion is one of the biggest investments you can make in your quality of life, especially when it comes to healthy joints as we age. There is general consensus that moderate physical exercise is a healthy undertaking at all ages, including the elderly. While this article is about an ultramarathon winner in her mid-40s, it’s a great example of counting every movement as part of the goal.

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  • Hip Replacement Surgery: Is It Time?

    Hip pain and stiffness can make walking and other everyday activities a challenge. Hip replacementsurgery is a good option for a lot of people -- but it shouldn’t be your first option.

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  • Many Middle-Aged Men May Have Signs of Thinning Bones

    Brittle bones are often seen as a woman's health issue, but low bone mass may be more common among middle-aged men than generally thought, a small study suggests.

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